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Document Workshop |Memphis, TN Photographer|

I have really been enjoying my break from sessions, so much I think I have been forgetting to blog!  I have four more clients this year but I have had a nice two week, much needed break. 
I'm currently in a workshop called "document" with the fabulous Angie Warren. You might know her from her blog Creative Mama which is another blog that I love. Although we are only halfway through the mini workshop, I have learned SO much from Angie about documenting details and creative perspective. I sometimes get so lost in the perfection of the picture that I forget that I am hired to document something. I am just in love with Angie, she has such a deep soul and the way she photographs conveys amazing stories.
I have decided I need to pull out my camera more often, not just at shoots. I need to document my kids lives and not worry so much about the lighting and shot being just perfect. So the other day I did just that, my ISO was bumped up as high as it could go, there is so much grain in these pictures it looks like an old TV set, but guess what, I don't care? When I look at these pictures I see memories that I have frozen for me,  to keep forever. A blanket that he has carried around for 2 years now, those puppy dog eyes that can get away with anything, the Disney Cars that he talks about non stop. This is him, this is now, this is life.
Starting next year I will be introducing something new on my blog, a chance for me to "document" my life. Can't wait for the new blog to be revealed in the new year!


Austin and Whitney Cooley said...

Love it!!

Ang said...

Stephanie, way to make my weekend! Thank you for your lovely words, I'm just over the moon happy to hear you are loving the WS. xoxo

Jules said...

beautifully documented. love that you shared this.

Ang said...

PS love your images here. love.

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