Thank you for visiting my Photography blog. I will share my current work here so check back often to see what I am up to!

Shelly |Collierville, TN Maternity photographer|

You will probably recognize Shelly from other shots I have taken of her and her son. She was the first person I met out here when we came out looking for a house and we have stayed good friends since. She is due with her second boy in a few weeks and looks as beautiful as ever. She has the cutest baby belly ever, we can't wait to meet her sweet new boy!

The Impossible |Baby photographer, Memphis|

When you are a photographer, your kids pretty quickly get sick of a camera in their face. I practiced on them for so long that now when they see my camera they turn and run as fast as they can. So I decided to have my friend Suzanne who is a fellow photographer take some pictures of us so that maybe they would be willing participants. Lucky for me it worked but while she was changing her lens at one point, I pulled out my camera to snap some pictures and they allowed it! Here are a few I was able to capture and as soon as I am done editing the others that Suzanne took I will post those too!!!

Wilson Family |Family photographer Memphis, TN|

Last weekend I had the chance to shoot the Wilson family and their sweet little girl. She is such a beautiful baby and really put up well with me and my ideas for the shoot. I just can't get enough of those big brown eyes, aren't they beautiful!

Please forgive me |Collierville, TN Senior photographer|

Seriously how could I choose? There were SO many beautiful photos of Abby that I couldn't choose so you will have to forgive me for putting up so many!!! I honestly tried to weed some out but I couldn't. If I could photograph someone like Abby every day my job would be so super easy, she was such a treat to work with!

Barnes Family |Collierville, TN Family photographer|

Now I know you will recognize this sweet cabbage patch face again! Ellie was back but this time for family pictures. Her Dad works in a cool building downtown so we headed down to his office to take some pictures inside and out. Here are a couple for them to enjoy until I get the rest done!

Peytons Pictures |Memphis, Tn Teens Photographer|

Here are the final pictures of Peyton that I promised, isn't she beautiful?

It couldn't get any better |Memphis, Tn photographer|

The sun today was just perfect, perfectly beautiful. Several times the clouds would come out and hide the sun but when the sun peeked its way back out again, it was perfect lighting. Abby was such a trooper as I tried new things and took tons of pictures, she is just absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out. Here's one peek until I edit the rest.