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Yay for SNOW!

It doesn't snow here but once every couple years so you better believe we are THRILLED when it happens! It looked so beautiful here, I kind of hoped it would stay a little longer!


Shelly was actually the first person we met when we moved out here. She was in the model home one day when we were purchasing our home and we met her and I remember thinking, she is really cool I am so glad she is going to be close by. Well 4 1/2 years later they are still some of our closest friends here. Unfortunately they sold their house last week but luckily they only live a few miles away now and I work with her, so we still see lots of Shelly, Gaines and Hunter! They are the cutest family and will be growing next year in May when they have their next baby, yay!!!
Hunters Mom asked if I would take their family pictures for Christmas cards. Of course I was happy to because I just love them too, Shelly is so lucky to have GREAT in-laws!!!

Bradford Sisters

I had the chance to shoot these beautiful girls a couple days ago and I think I can honestly say it was my favorite session yet. Not only are they gorgeous on the outside, they are some of the most beautiful girls on the inside. I would be so proud to have Brooklyn turn out like them when she gets older. I had so much fun and they were so willing to do anything I asked of them. I couldn't decide which ones to post so please forgive me for posting so many!!!


Last weekend I took the kids out to take some Holiday pictures. Carter fell asleep on the way over and so lets just say he was quite the grump when we got there. He was not having any of it but luckily I was still able to snap some even though he wasn't smiling. Here are a couple of teasers, you will see the best ones when you get our Christmas card!!!

After several shots she was done, can you tell?