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Westover Wedding Part 2 |Memphis, TN Photographer|

Elle Sneak Peek |Memphis, TN Photographer|

Seriously, isn't she just a doll? Elle was one of the funnest kids I have ever shot, she was hilarious. She knew the poses she wanted to do and would constantly strike new ones, I just loved working with her! I will post some more in the next few days I just had to share these ones!

Why I love my job |Memphis TN photographer|

There are so many reasons I love what I do, but editing this picture tonight I realized one more reason why I love photography so much. I am able to take this picture and edit anyway I want. Do I want something bold that stands out, or do I want something soft and more romantic. That's the beauty of being an artist, no matter what type of artist you are, you have the ability to create something your own way, depending on your mood. No one can tell you what you do is wrong or you are doing it incorrectly because you are the artist. Which edit do you prefer?

One Crazy Family |Memphis, TN Photographer|

I am still working on the Wedding pictures from the Westover wedding and just came across this picture I had to post. Seriously look at them, dont they look crazy? Well I can attest they are, crazy and so much fun. We were so lucky that they let us live with them for a month when our house sold in Hattiesburg and had no where to go. 30 days with a family and you see it all the good, bad and the ugly. Well I am happy to say there was no bad or ugly but there was lots of good and LOTS of fun! I just had to post this picture because we are like family to them now, and that's what family does, post pictures like this!!!

Westover Wedding Couple |Memphis Couples Photographer|

This past weekend I got to go to Baton Rouge to shoot a wedding for such a cute couple. It was so beautiful and the bride and groom were so in love, we had a good time. Then we headed back to Hattiesburg for the reception. It was a busy day but despite the heat and humidity the Wedding went great. The craziest thing was as soon as they got in their car to leave the reception, it started pouring!!! The weather was definitely on their side that night.
Here are a few pictures from the Wedding, I will post some more later this week, I am so glad they allowed me to document their day as their photographer!

The many moods of Hailey! |Memphis, TN baby photographer|

Sweet baby Hailey definitely gave me a good challenge. She was not having her picture taken, well truly what she was not having was her Mom putting her down. She wanted to be held and anytime she was put down she wasn't a happy camper. Well luckily we were able to work with her and ended up with some great pictures. When she smiles her eyes just light up, and when she cries she is mad. We caught some real emotion here in these photographs and we were all thrilled with that!