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Can't Wait!!!! |Memphis, TN Photographer|

Guess who is getting COMPLETELY rebranded??????  I am so excited I could scream!  I have been wanting to do this for a little while now and I finally decided there is no better time than now.   The amazingly talented Jeanine Linder is currently working on my new logo all the way in Switzerland!  And the computer savvy  and uberly creative Breeze with Trust the Air Design is designing me a brand new blogsite.  This is such a fun process for me, I can hardly wait for it all to be ready.  Of course blog design takes time so I will have to be patient but stay tuned, I know you wont be disappointed!  And because I can't leave a post with out a picture, these eyes are the reason it's so hard to get my little boy in trouble even when he's being naughty!


Austin and Whitney Cooley said...

I miss those eyes so much...!! That is so exciting for you, congrats! Can't wait to see the fun change :-)

Dyan said...

Oohhh, fun! Can't wait to see the big debut! And Carter being naughty? I still have yet to see it from that cute boy! But since I know a thing or two about little boys I believe you 100% :)

Neil said...

Carter!!! I miss that cute little face! I love the texture!!

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